More Body Work

Today Roger and I worked on some more of the body. Previously we took town the paint with a soda-blaster to see what it looked like, it wasn’t good. So this time, I had body panel replacements handy.

Using an air grinder, an air hack saw, and some 30 grit sand paper, I was able to remove one of the panels needing replacement. It took about 4 hours to do so.

Unfortunately I ran out of sunlight in order to replace the panels, so right now its just an open hole.


Just some fun and a carburetor

Well, apparently the stock carb had a cover on a hole, and after some time the plug will just blow, so it did. I towed the car up to Pompano where I could get some information on the issue. This is where Bruce from McNab Foreign Auto came into play, he’s been working on air-cooled VW’s for 35-40 years, much longer then I. I eventually replaced the stock carb with a Weber Progressive a friend had lying around.

While I was up there I also got some fun things to play with:

Laser Engraved Aluminium Crank Pulley: $27

Oil Filler Neck: $5

Oil Filler Breather: $11

“T” Bars: $10

Fuel Filter: $2


Today was a fun day playing with Yellow, I changed the stock heat-exchanger setup to a higher performance header with a quiet pack exhaust. Sounds MUCH better and definitely has more power in the butt dyno.

Blown Tire

Driving to work, a tire blew. I’m not shocked at all because the tires look to be about 20 years old.


1972 VW Karmann Ghia


103,000 Miles (indicated)

1600cc Dual-Port Air-Cooled Flat 4

Factory A/C

Cassette Deck from 1983

This is how I purchased my first VW. I have major plans for it, lets see how it goes.